"God damn so the Russians actually did it. And here I thougt they were just a bunch of drunken vodka loving idiots."- Arnie in the first mission.

Arnold Connor was a reporter living in Manhattan in 2016. He went into New York to get up close footage of the war against the Russians but ended fighting the war he was covering.


Arnold Connor was born Febuary 21 1989. At age 22 he became a reporter for CBS and covered news in New York City. He hated his work but knew that he wouldn't be able to find anyplace better so sucked it up. He knew how to use firearms quite well as he often explored the worser parts of New York and so bought, went to a firing range to learn to use, and kept a small M9 pistol with him at all times. During 2016 he was sent into a New York warzone as the Russian Ultranationalists attacked the East Coast. While interviewing soldiers in a recruitment center a mix up happened where he became enlisted to fight the Ultranationalists and push them out of the city.


Arnold Connor is a fun loving player when outside or work where during work he puts on a much more serious demeanor. However the demeanor sticks after he is drafted to be a soldier for the war he is supposed to be covering!


  • Arnie's name is a mix of Arnold Shrawzenegger who portrays the T-100 and T-101 models of Terminator in the movie franchise Terminator, and the franchise protagonist John Connor.
  • Arnold shares the creator Sniperteam82308's birthday.

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