Starting weapons:

Brutal Warfare: after effect which will be followed by Brutal Warfare: Apocalypse, (not related to Daniel’s storyline in almost any way but is an apocalyptic setting none the less) followed by the prequel of Brutal Warfare, Walther's legacy. The storyline version will be on MW+ wiki and the multiplayer version will be on this wiki

1. Underwater base

2. Preparations

3. Crisis

4. Factory

5. Guardian

6. Freedom

7. The public knows

8. Redemption

9. Bunker

10. Return to the factory

11. Man's last stand

Underwater Base:

After Walther is shot down and you kill Hitler you are being held hostage momentarily by a neo-Nazi super soldier he freaks out and hands you your gun and that's where you are now left off from last time:

You tell him "so what your scared or sumthin?"

He says "yayaya lets just get the hell out of here the failed experiments won't be contained for much longer!"

You stand confused and ask "wait, so... were screwed right?"

"Oh hell you bet we are... there's no way to escape, were underwater"

"We took a submarine down here"

"Ok we have a way, but how are we going to get there? They will be everywhere!"

"Well that's easy, simple brute force, Catan get in here!"

Catan walks in and trips on a grenade which explodes "I'm ok!"

"Justin get in here!"

Another neo-Nazi (guess who...) comes in the room and replaces your leg. And thus you make your way to the submarine...

stage 1:

Starting weapons:

dual wield G36C with barrels rails and stocks removed

combat knife.

Stage 2 Preparations (just a cut scene)

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