This is something that will be collecting all of the multiplayer maps in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and be about the adventures of a team of Marines(callname being Foxtrot Unifrom Charlie Kilo) as they go head to head with terrorists such as Spetznaz and Op For.


Now before the story is told we of course need to explain the main characters.


The explosives expert of the group.(TBA)


The medical expert of the group. Carries a Syringe that can heal anyone but will also become a weapon.(TBA)


The close quarters expert of the group he often goes head to head with Headshot over how the group should do in operations.(TBA)


The Sniper of the group with an amounted 343 headshots. Has cool collected personality.(TBA)


The technical expert of the group. He is nicknamed Albino because he hardly gets sun being in a room nearly all his military career.(TBA)


The leader of the group.(TBA)



  • The teams callsign is a reference to the creators favorite song by The Bloodhound Gang.
  • Headshot's total headshot count is a reference to 343-Guilty Spark. A primary antagonist of the first and third Halo games.
  • Albino is based on Lizard a character featured in the creators favorite novel series A Sniper Novel Seires.

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