"Its time to fight back."- Modern Warfare 2: New York's Tagline.

Modern Warfare 2: New York is a new video game being developed by the For Those With company and published by the company No Life. The game takes place in New York City during the Russian Invasion of the United States in 2016. It will have at least up to 30 new campaign missions and 20 multiplayer maps as well as featuring the return of Special Ops which will have at least 50 missions in 5 categories based upon their difficulty. It will feature new characters and possilby some old ones.


United States Marine CorpsEdit

Captain James Sanders

Sargent Jack "Joker" Manmerllo

Pvt. Dick Simmons

Ultranationalist ForcesEdit

Vladmire Makarov

General Oliver Lee

Demolitian #1

Demolitian #2

Unknown Medic

Al QueadaEdit



Johnathan "John" Mohn

Siera Sandy

Bill Overbeck

Arnold "Arnie" Connor


ACT I: Early OccupationEdit

Safety Off


Wall Street

Echo Siera Bravo

If I Don't Make It Out of This...

A Hero's Death

Pulling Out


Help Has Arrived

ACT II: Fight BackEdit




Enemy Intel shall return in this game however now it shall play an important role this time. The Enemy Intel found in the first half of the levels will give insight to the enemies point of view during this occupation and later in the game enemy intel shall provide a subplot. There will be 5 to find in each mission with all non cutscene only/ training missions providing Intel.

The Intel SubplotEdit



The Multiplayer of this game will feature every weapon in the campaign. There will be at least 20 maps and 5 factions.

Special OpsEdit

There will be at least 50 Special Ops Missions some take from the campaign others completly original. However no Special Ops missions from Modern Warfare 2 shall return.


  • This was inspired to the creator when he saw the Modern Warfare 3 Debut Trailer.
  • The Statue of Liberty will play an important role in the game.
  • There will be subtle hints to sequel games in the Enemy Intel.
  • The creator hopes to get a mission a day completed and have the game completed by Modern Warfare 3's release date.
  • This game will make some subtle references to the Zombies game mode of Black Ops.
  • There will be no form of a Horde gane mode in this game.
  • The creator decided to do the opposite of what Infinity Ward will likely do and focused more on Campaign than Multiplayer.

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