Operation: TANGO is a special made Call of Duty game created by JerryWiffleWaffle, following the events of World War III. It is set around the world, mainly in the countries allied with the Axis.


At the brink of losing World War III, many Russian ultranationalists go into hiding, forming a secret alliance with Germany, the instigator and main Axis power of World War II. Together, they plan on completing the task of Nazi Germany; to dominate the world. Because of this, the United Nations must reunite to put out the flame of the Russian-German alliance.


The game will focus on a Task Force squadron, known as Task Force 217 - a five man squad. Their main job is to recover intelligence, go undercover, and assassinate high ranked officials.

Members of Task Force 217Edit

  • Captain Drew "Loyal" Evergreen
  • Lieutenant Owen "Crow" Steel
  • Sergeant Christopher "Brink" Trey
  • Sergeant Allen "Pharaoh" Remington
  • Sergeant Nick "Beast" Parker


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