Sleight of Hand is cust
Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand icon.

om Perk in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Special Ops and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Special Ops 2: Redemption, custom first-person shooter games.



Sleight of Hand decreases the reload tim
Sleight of Hand Pro

Sleight of Hand Pro icon.

e for all weapons by 50%. It costs 2000 CoD Points. Sleight of Hand Pro decreases the amount of time it takes to aim down sights on all weapons, excluding sniper rifles (to prevent quickscoping). In addition to aiming down sights faster, Claymores, Motion Sensors, Jammers, and Tactical Insertions are placed faster. Sleight of Hand Pro costs 2000 CoD Points to unlock.

Basic OutfitEdit

Sleight of Hand has no outfit.

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